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Beautiful souls, welcome to my creative universe!

I present you my jewels made of sead beads and semi-precious stones, all handcrafted with love. These were created by my own inspiration with everything that makes my heart and soul vibrate.

They can be exceptional places, the beauties of nature, the causes that are close to my heart such as the environment and animals, and anything that can stimulate my creativity.

Being very attracted and sensitive to colours, I use them to find harmonies, contrasts and various textures to make unique jewellery with their own special cachet.

I have chosen to give a name to each of my jewellery, attaching a photo representing my inspiration and a text describing it.

I would like to allow you, through my creations, to feel the emotions and beauties that inspired me, hoping that you will like them!

Chan  *             Chan-Photo-1155
* Chan is short for Chantal; it is pronounced "Tchan". It's my designer name that
   I have chosen for several years, with which I naturally identify.    Voilà !

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